A big colonial farmhouse in the middle of a subtropical landscape. Speakers in the garden playing a soundtrack of memories left behind.
Six friends returne to the place where their friend Miguel spent his last days. They are here to pack boxes and collect things Miguel left behind. Turntables still connected to speakers, cables lying on the floor, his clothes and random belongings still spread around the house… Miguel used to record sounds compulsively and his recordings are now playing continuously through speakers inside and outdoors. These recordings of past times played out in the present keep bringing new and unexpected meanings to their actions; and for moments it’s as tough time didn’t exist…


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Leonardo Brzezicki was born in Buenos Aires. He studied Film at the University of Buenos Aires. He also trained as an actor with acclaimed theatre director Ricardo Bartis.
He directed several short films that went on to win various awars. “Con vos contar corderitos”, a comedy, which won the top prize at the Latin American Short Film Festival in Rosario, 2001. He was preselected for “Le Pavillion”, the artist’s residence of Palais de Tokyo in Paris, with his short “Tokyo Tonight”.

“Noche” is his first feature film, which premiered at the International Film Festival Rotterdam in January 2013.

2013, Argentina-Italy
90′, color, HD

a coproduction Rewind My Future, Asmara Films
with the support of Hubert Bals Fund – Postproduction (The Netherlands)

Written and directed by: Leonardo Brzezocki

DOP&Camera: Massimo Ruggieri

Production desing: Alexis Dos Santos

Editing: Filip Gsella

Sound: Leandro de Loredo

Casting: Florencia Braier, Javier Braieri

Music supervision: Valentina Brazzini

Original music: Ismael Pinkler

Producers: Leonardo Brzezicki, Ginevra Elkann

Associate producers: Filip Gsella, Alexis Dos Santos

With: Flavia Noguera, Jair Jesus Toledo, Pablo Matisa Vega, Gaston Re, Maria Soldi, Nadia Sandrone, Julian Tello

World premiere: International Film Festival Rotterdam 2013, Hivos Tiger Awards Competition